Our Pastor

Pastor Steven C. Wygle came to Hawaii originally in the military over 37 years ago. As a young man he fell in love with the local people and the unique blend of cultures in Hawaii.  After leaving Hawaii he went to Baptist Bible College in Springfield, MO.  After graduating he felt impressed to return to Hawaii as a missionary on the outer Island.  In 1985 he and his wife, Karen, and three children, Grant, Tammy, and Traci arrived on Kauai in 1981.  God allowed him to start Kauai Baptist Temple.  From Kauai he and his family moved to the Big Island and started a ministry in the town of Hilo. He turned that ministry over to a local pastor and moved to Oahu.

After serving as a missionary for over twenty years, Rev. Steve.Wygle resigned and became the Pastor of Lanakila Baptist Church. When asked what were some of the highlights of his ministry he said, "God has allowed me to return to the church I was a member in 1974...I am ministering to both the local people and military...I have seen people saved and lives changed.  God has allowed us to build a new annex building....We have had the  privilege of having the Mayor of Honolulu attend our 40th Anniversary in 2007 and I could go on and on.  You know it never ceases to amaze me what the Lord has allowed me to do and see.  For those out there who have never really turned their life over to God I would encourage them to do so and then get ready for the ride of their life." 

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