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Did you know that Columbus didn’t make just ONE trip to the “New World,” but he made FOUR trips across the Atlantic and died at the young age of only 55 years old as a forgotten pauper upon his final return to Europe?  To be sure, however, he made an indelible mark on the Caribbean and Central America…On his second voyage, he brought barrels full of flower seeds!  He saw to it that these many varieties of flowers were scattered everywhere, and the descendants of those flowers STILL bloom all over the Gulf and Caribbean region today! 

However, Christopher Columbus almost didn’t get to set sail at all!  He had to grovel, humiliate himself and act as a beggar in order to find barely enough funds for his first voyage.  But he was willing to abase himself, if in so doing he was afforded the opportunity to find a new way to the Orient, (which was his actual goal).  Finally, the King and Queen of Spain financed his effort and away he sailed…due West!  He never did find his “passage” to the Orient, but he did awaken Europe the presence of a new hemisphere…a new world!

Sometimes, when we think that our way is impossible, (as did Columbus), if we are willing to humble ourselves, to make temporary sacrifices, we may find everything we had hoped for and more! 

A Mr. Eric Mauser who lives in the Swiss Alps has a hobby of sitting on his from porch and viewing nature throughhis telescope.  One day he saw two mountain goats heading toward each other on a very narrow cliff side path.  Neither goat was aware of the other coming toward him, until one rounded the corner and there they were…fact-to-face…on a path barely wide enough for one.  What would they do?  They couldn’t turn around or back up!  Then Eric writes that he witnessed something amazing.  The goat on the descending side, sudden laid down and placed its chin right on the rocky path.  The upper goat stepped right on top of the lower goat and thus what seemed to be an impossible problem was simply and quickly solved!  As Apostle Paul said…”Doth not even nature itself teach you?  (I Corinthians 11:14a)

It may be true that we cannot have everything we want IMMEDIATELY in this “quick-serve” world, but that does not mean that it CANNOT be achieved.  Perhaps if we are willing to submit ourselves, (lay down on the pathway as it were), in short order we will be able to rise up and climb to the height we desired!  Doesn’t this remind you of Columbus…of Joseph…of JESUS? 

“Humble yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of God, that he may exalt you in due time:”  I Peter 5:6



A physics professor at a university decided to teach her students, not only a lesson in physics, but also in life.  Selecting a suitable glass, Dr. Royce walked over to a lab sink and filled the glass with clear water.  Once completed, she lifted the glass and asked the students to determine the weight of the glass and the water it contains?  Immediately her students began calculating, analyzing, formulating and computing.

            After several moments, one student raised his hand and gave a calculated approximation; backing up his assertions with explanations of equation balance, water-weight constants, etc., etc.  After finishing his line of logic, and feeling quite confident of his calculations, the class quieted themselves to await the anticipated praise of their professor.  Then Dr. Royce commented, "Not what I was looking for.  Anyone else?"  The room was silent.  After such a precise but failed effort had been presented by the previous student, no one wished to venture their thoughts or opinion.  The room was saturated with silence.

            Finally, Dr. Royce spoke..."Would you like to know how heavy this glass and water are?"  "Yes," came the resounding reply!  "Well, it depends on how long I hold it up.  You see, the relativity of the glass and water's weight increases proportionately with the length of time I keep it elevated.  If I hold it up for just a couple of minutes, it's not so heavy.  If I hold it up for half an hour, I will have a serious muscle cramp in my arm.  And if I held it up for a day, I'd end up in the hospital.  So you see, SOMETIMES we must look at MORE than just cold, lifeless facts and figures!  When I get tired with holding up the glass, if I just set it down for a little while...when I pick it up again, it doesn't seem quite so heavy.  I hope my point is crystal clear?"

            Both of these short but true stories, serve to reinforce the fact that sometimes in life we have to force ourselves to PUT THINGS DOWN!  Letting things go and not dwelling too long on them is one of life's secrets to happiness.  Then too, when issues or problems become to "heavy" for us, perhaps their "weight" will diminish if we will just put them down for a little while and return later.  (Psalm 116:6,7 / Galatians 6:2)